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About Flexsus

Social Care Worker background and extensive professional insight into the cognitive disabled people everyday lives

Social Care Worker background

At Flexsus we have a Social Care Worker educational background, which gives us great insight into the cognitive disabled people everyday lives. It has enabled us to develop a unique system, that opens up a whole new world for our users.

Our Internet-based communication system is for people with cognitive disabilities. Our work is based on several years of practical experience with the challenges that arise in these people's lives.

Today, more and more of our daily communication goes through the Internet by using email and social media. For people with cognitive disabilities, this form of communication is not always available. Compensating teaching and technology is a fundamental part of the thinking and the concept behind our web-based application Quaakin. We make the Internet and computer capabilities available for cognitively impaired people, and thereby we give them the opportunity to support the personal communication through the use of digital photos, e-mail, text and audio messages.

The objective of Flexsus is to create a flexible system that utmost to ensure that it is the user who makes demands on the system and not the system that makes demands on the user.

With Quaakin - family, friends, social workers, educators and others will get a tool that enables them to much better understand the needs of disabled people and the opportunity to develop a completely different form of communication. A communication on the disabled own terms.


Flexsus purpose is to make the opportunities of the Internet accessible to people with cognitive disabilities - quite simply! We do this by giving the user a unique tool specifically designed for our target audience.


The Internet has become a matter of course and integrated part of many people's everyday lives. That is why there is a risk of that we forget that part of the population who because of a disability face particular challenges and cannot immediately use the opportunities offered to the general population. That is why our Quaakin is targeted to people with cognitive disabilities who are in need of great visual assistance, recognition and clarity when they use computers and the Internet.

Quaakin has been successfully used by:
  • People with learning disability
  • Late developed people
  • Dyslexic
  • Late brain damaged people